About me and my work

I have always been interested in the craft of instrument making and repairs. While I was doing my Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, I got the opportunity to study repairs with Jonathan Griffin and Ruth Prowse at the Wind Section workshop in Edinburgh. That gave me the opportunity to learn a lot, get my hands on some expensive equipment and see the work of some really good and experienced professionals. I will always be very grateful for the way that Ruth and Jonathan treated me. In Bulgaria we would say that they are people with very big hearts!     : )

I have continued to do repairs and acquired new skills and experience in the field. I have worked on many student instruments, I have done corrections on the instruments of my  colleagues at the conservatoire, as well as on professional instruments such as Katherine Bryan’s (principal flute with RSNO) Brannen - Cooper flute.

At the end of each repair I get myself or another professional musician to test the instrument and guarantee job well done! On flutes and piccolos I also use the Medic Leak Tester, a very sensitive leak detector that “sees” even the smallest imperfection in the seating of the pads.

I have recently moved to Belgium, to start my Masters in music course, so my workshop is based in Gent, Belgium now.

I usually work by an appointment, but I am also available for emergency repairs.

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