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Summer Musical Nights in the Old Plovdiv July - August 2011

posted 28 Sept 2011, 16:24 by Nikola Kyosev   [ updated 1 Oct 2011, 11:52 ]

The series concerts of young musicians from Plovdiv, is organized by the idea of Dr. Kiril Tarpov ( Orchestral and Choral Conductor ) - also founder and president of the Board of Jeunesse Musicale Foundation cooperating with NSMDA “Dobrin Petkov” and Association “Old Plovdiv”.

The idea is to present young talents graduated The Plovdiv Music School a while ago, and now studying or graduated world-class colleges.

Most of our talented children, can’t find an appropriate time to show off their development after they have left their home-town. There are times when the years are passing by without even hearing from them, and this way see for us again, and again that Plovdiv is the source of world talented people in the music world.

The Jeunesse Musicale Foundation is taking the responsibility to fill up that emptiness and with the beginning of this series to discover for the people of Plovdiv their favorite artists, who are spreading the fame of the city around the world.

In the foundation’s history which has begun in the year of 1993, the foundation has presented, and has been supporting through organizations of master classes, and festivals many young artists in Plovdiv, as well as the whole country. Lots of them in this moment are getting positions in the biggest world class orchestras, and others are keeping on with their studies in the world class colleges and universities in Europe, and America.

With this series we begin the idea of the future years this to become a traveling Festival around the whole country with participants who have been studying in musical schools in Bulgaria.

The sounds and harmonies which are created from the young talents of our home-town are ready to reverse all the borders, and to blend everything in one, so as a result to get a real shiny ray of light. There are times when we all need to get even a little closer to our consciousness, which is giving us vitality - just the simple art... or just music.

This year we’re going to present four of the young talents in Plovdiv: Velislav Godzhunov - drums, Nikola Kyosev - Flute, Kalin Yanchev - guitar, and Evgeni Genchev - piano.


July 29 – Kalin Yanchev, Guitar - Nedkovich Hose
August 03 - Nikola Kyosev, Flute - Nedkovich Hose
August 05 – Trio - Percussions, Flute and Guitar - Hindlian House

August 08 - Velislav Godzhunov, Percussions - Hindlian House
August 10 - Evgeni Genchev, Piano - Balabanov House