Live Music Now!

LMN is the largest provider of live music to the UK's welfare, educational, justice and health sectors, with a unique resource of specially trained musicians.

For over thirty years, LMN has been putting into practice the visionary ideals of its founders, Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker; bringing the joy and inspiration of live music to those who have limited access to conventional music-making, and helping to develop the careers of young talented musicians.

LMN's music programmes (comprising over 3,000 events each year) deliver social, emotional, physical and educational benefits to participants of all ages and abilities through the promotion of:

Active Engagement - supporting social cohesion, teamwork, participation;

Life Skills - developing confidence, communication, transferable skills;

Health and Wellbeing - effecting positive improvements in mental and physical health;

Professional Development - training musicians and staff in the welfare, educational, justice and health sectors in delivery of music outreach.

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Working for Live Music Now! gives me what sometimes I miss in the big concert halls - the real connection with people! It makes me tremendously happy when I see that after the concert, people look more happy, more social and more alive!